26 December 2011 Press Release

Race Girl Talk Launches Sailboat Racing Blog


Race Girl Talk is a blog about sailboat racing performance and fitness from a girl’s perspective. Sailboat racers can discover what’s hot in women’s sailing clothing and gear. Race like a guy and still be a girl.


Phone:  302-220-0857


Race Girl Talk (www.RaceGirlTalk) is a blog that is intended to be a resource for female racing sailors.  It will cover topics such as racing education, nutrition & fitness, sailing clothing that works, cute stuff to wear to the after party, sailing gear, sailing related vacations & fun stuff. It is written in the spirit of racing as strong as the guys, but still being a girl.  This is a sailboat racer’s one-stop site for sailboat racing education, gear, and fun topics. 

This blog began as a way to share everything that Becky Esterle wished she knew when she started racing – and some stuff that she didn’t know she needed.  Hopefully, this site will be helpful to sailors of all levels and experience.  Sailboat racers can come to this blog as a resource for topics of interest; or as a place to share tips and humorous stories. 

Sailboat racers can already find a number of posts that review products, share basic racing education and provide fitness & nutrition tips.  This forum will continue to grow with many new posts on deck.  Readers can comment on existing posts and suggest additional topics for new posts. 

Readers are encouraged post about what they’ve learned along the way in an effort to help bring up newer racers.    This forum is intended to be fun and informational while sailboat racers help each other be the most competitive on the race course.   This release announces the official launch of the Race Girl Talk blog.  It can be found at


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