RaceGirlTalk is intended to be a resource for female racing sailors (guys can read & post here too, but some of the bathing suit tips might not be as applicable).  It will cover topics such as racing education, nutrition & fitness, sailing clothing that works, cute stuff to wear to the after party, sailing gear, sailing related vacations & fun stuff. How to race as strong as the guys, but still be a girl.

This blog began as a way to share everything that I wished I knew when I started racing – and some stuff that I didn’t know I needed.  Hopefully, this site will be helpful to sailors of all levels and experience.  If you’ve learned something along the way, please post and “pay it forward.”  If you have questions, let’s use this forum to help each other out.  Most importantly, let’s make it fun — even if we can be incredibly competitive out on the race course.

New topics may be added if we find them interesting or old topics may fade away if they aren’t used or get too boring.  Here’s a bit about the topics I intend to cover.


Racing Education:

This is where I’ll share what I’ve learned about racing.  Hopefully, you’ll help too – by asking questions or posting to help teach others.




Nutrition & Fitness:

I want to know that I’m as strong as possible and ready for any situation when I step on the boat.  Here, I’ll share tips with you so that we can all be strong and healthy.  This will also be another way that I hold myself accountable.  If I’m telling you to exercise and be healthy; then I’d better be doing it too, right?



Sailing Clothes That Work: OK, straight to the point –> I don’t want to fall out of my top and I don’t want people looking down the back of my shorts.  This is where I’ll share things like my quest for sailing shorts that actually fit and sailing tops that look good and keep me contained without giving me funky tan lines.

Cute Stuff to Wear to the After Party: It’s great to go out and get grimy and sweaty in the heat of competition.  But, when I’m back on land, I want to get cleaned up, look good, and feel like a girl when I go to the after party.  Here I’ll share tips about where to find this cute stuff.


Sailing Gear:

Having the right gear can make a race pleasurable instead of painful.  Here, I’ll share my advice on gear and reviews of any neat or especially useful products I come across. 




Sailing Related Vacations & Fun Stuff — Who doesn’t need a little more fun in their life? 



Race Commentary:

Let’s see what we think of some pro races out there — opinions? Stuff we’ve learned? Discussion points?