Who Remembers November?

The weather has been crazy around the Mid-Atlantic coast lately.  It was especially stormy on Wednesday.  Forecasts were showing storms all around Annapolis.  Races were cancelled over an hour before the race start due to the storms.  Even with that being said, it was interesting to see how word spread from person to person.

Some crew members on my Wednesday night boat drive as far as an hour and fifteen minutes to make the race.  Others live within walking distance of the marina.  The weather was deceiving and variable throughout the afternoon.  Some crew members only saw a few rain drops on the way to the boat; others saw massive thunderstorms.

It seemed like we had every way possible being used to communicate with crew members.  Checked the AYC web site — no cancellation posted there. Word of the cancellation was e-mailed to the crew shortly after it was announced.  So, you could tell who was incredibly attached to their iPhone or Android vs those who go sailing as a way to get a break from the barrage of continuous technology.

Only about half of the crew members made it to the marina.  But, the realization that struck me the most was from a crew member who had driven past AYC and saw the November flag flying.  So, I thought it would be a good time to share a reminder of the November flag.

November Flag — All races are abandoned. Return to the starting area.
The warning or other signal will be made 1 minute after removal – unless, at that time, the race is abandoned or postponed.


If the November flag is flown over Alpha, it means that all races are abandoned.  There will be no more racing today.

If November is flown over Hotel, it means that all races are abandoned and further signals will be given ashore.

Hopefully, this reminder will be helpful if you see it at the yacht club or out on the race course.  Or, on Wednesday night, November may signal that dinner starts early!