Follow Me . . . The Flag, That Is

Welcome to the height of summer.  Thinking back on mid-summer races in Annapolis, there is one flag that comes quickly to my mind.  It is the “L” flag.  If this flag is flown ashore, it signifies that a notice to competitors has been posted.


My Rendition of the L Flag

However, when it’s flown on the water  it is used to signal “come within hail” or follow me.”  Race committee will fly this flag when the race course needs to be moved (often because they are looking for the wind —  which usually dies out mid-summer in Annapolis).


During NOODS this spring in Annapolis, the race committee did use this flag to move race competitors out of the path of an impending thunder storm (thank you race committee).  Although, most of the time when I see this flag; it is race committee moving competitors to a different part of the water looking for more wind.


So, when you see this flag, keep your eyes on the race committee to see where they are going.  It may also be a good signal that it’s time to break out lunch!